School Rules

1. If a student disrupts the teacher during class, interferes with classmates’ learning with a disruptive behavior, doesn’t follow the teacher’s instruction, or uses inappropriate language, the teacher will report the incident to the school office that will issue a warning card to the student.

2. The warning card includes the reason for the warning, the teacher’s signature and the date. If he/she receives 3 warning cards, the student will be required to stay home for one day after a parent conference.

3. If a new incident arises after the first suspension, the student will be required to stay home without a new warning card being issued.

4. If he/she is required to stay home three times, the student could be asked to leave the school after a parent conference, in which case tuition will not be refunded.

School Policy

Parent’s Cooperation

1) Participate in the PTA
2) Recommendation and guidance on using Korean in home, check homework
3) Conducting a meeting between the teacher and the parent when the student fails to submit the homework more than 3 times
4) Early evening sleep on Friday evening
5) Recommendation eating before coming to school.
6) During the interview with the homeroom teacher,Please make a reservation first.Recommended time for non-class hours
7) Please actively participate in the event at school.
8) When there is a suburban event, transportation is provided by the parents.
(For the safety and responsibility of the student).
However, if the bus is operated by the school, transportation is available after submitting the parent’s consent form.

Responsibility of accident

1) In the event of a school building, property damage, damage to a fellow student, the student’s parent is responsible for the settlement and compensation.

2) All teachers, including the principal of the school, are doing their best to ensure the safety of all students. However, Bethel Korean School is not responsible for any accidents that occur at school.