Combination Class

The combination course includes traditional Korean games, songs, arts and crafts, calligraphy, etc.
Students will have the opportunity to learn Korean culture.
It will be a great opportunity to explore student’s preferred values and strengths.

Basketball Class

The basketball team trains basic basketball operations and game operation methods.
Through this learning, students will to learn cooperation and patience.

Art Class

The Art Class considers the age group of the learner and aims at tailored learning.
In the Art class, various activities such as drawing, sketching, painting, and craft are carried out for the learner’s concentration and small muscle development.
The Art Class is based on various themes and various materials, helping to express creative and concrete artistic beauty.
Students from the Art Class won many works in many contests. And students can participate in the art competition.

Origami Class

Students will make works using various materials such as confetti, Korean paper etc.
Students will develop left-right brain through hand stimulation.
The goal of this class is to increase creativity.

Abacus Calculation Class

Students learn the system of numbers and train through the abacus to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, that is, arithmetic operation.
Students will develop their abilities to abacus calculation and mental calculation through this learning.
Also, the process of placing the abacus will have a positive effect on the learner ‘s concentration and thinking ability

Computer Class

Under the title of ‘Computer Programming World’, learners can present themselves according to their abilities, interests.
Learners can gain confidence by presenting their work and learn how to learn the current and future related skills voluntarily.

Korean Traditional Dance Class

Students will see and learn Korean traditional dances such as ‘mask dance / fan dance / sogo dance’.
Through this, learners will be able to see the beautiful emotion and style of Korea.
Students can feel the stability of their emotions by learning and expressing themselves in accordance with the rhythm of Korea.

Choir Class

At the chorus, students learn traditional songs, songs and hymns, and learn the beauty of harmony through choral practice.
Students will express the richness of their emotions while singing to beautiful melodies.


• Class time : Every Saturday 11: 35-12: 35 (1 hour)
• Tuition fee : $ 50 per semester

• How to apply : Separately apply for the students you want.

• Classes may be cancelled if enrollment is low.
• Classes are filled on a first-come first-served basis.
• The school reserves the right to make changes depending on circumstances.