SAT II Korean Class

Textbook Students analyze the materials covered in Section I, II, and III and prepare for the exam through a variety of sample items.

SAT II Korean Test Configuration

The Korean language test is administered from a total of 80 to 85 questions. The total test time is 60 minutes. The composition of the test is divided into three sections as shown in the table below.

Section I is Listening Comprehension.
A single listening clip will be presented, two or three questions will be asked, and both questions and choices will be in English.

Section II is Usage. One example is a problem. It is mainly a form filled with the correct answer to the blank. Both example sentences and optional items are submitted in Korean.

Section III gives a paragraph with Reading Comprehension and two related questions. Questions and choices are in English.

Time Allotted(min.) Number of Questions Points
Section I: Listening Comprehension 20 26-28
Section II: Usage 40 26-28
Section III: Reading Comprehension 26-28
Total 60 80 200~800

SAT II Korean Summer Special Lecture

• Classes: during summer vacation (8 weeks, Every Sunday, 1:30-4:30 pm)
• Registration: Korean school office
• Cost: $ 150.00 (excluding materials)

Exam Registration

• Enforcement date: Once a year, first Saturday in November (* Registration must be completed by mid-October)
• Materials: Admission ticket, ID, pencil, eraser, earphone, CD player